Fitness Center Team

Tom Antosik

General Manager



Tom Antosik is a New Jersey native who's come to Tampa, Florida via Napa, California. An industry veteran, Tom has a passion for fitness and loves to cook for friends and family.





Edward Favela

Personal Trainer


Edward Favela was born in Monterey, California but raised in El Paso, Texas.  He moved to Tampa, Florida in August of 2015. Edward grew up with playing a variety of sports which included soccer, football and basketball while playing for his high school team.  With playing sports all his life, weight lifting became an essential tool to help advance himself by becoming stronger and faster, thus giving him an advantage over those athletes who were not resistance training.


After high school, Edward still occasionally played basketball but grew a much bigger love for weight lifting and started a new hobby with amateur bodybuilding. From then on he knew he wanted to have a career in health science, to where he pursued an education and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Texas at El Paso. Shortly after graduation he obtained his certification with personal training and started his career in physical fitness.


Edward has a great love for helping those in need of assistance with any personal fitness goals they may have and creating a plan to help achieve it.  Anybody willing to dedicate themselves will be reassured that this fitness journey will be done little by little. With the key factors of being consistent and having determination, anyone can accomplish their goal.